Sunday, 2 June 2013

My review of The illusionists Show

The illusionists is a magic show with illusions and magic tricks.
There is nothing to dislike about this show!
It was presented at the Civic Town hall, up in Auckland.What a beautiful venue.This awesome magic show stars the following world famous magicians.
 The Anti-Conjoror , who is a scary looking man, he does shock illusions like russian roulette( how ever in this trick, no one gets hurt )
The Escapologist ,he does life threatening escapes and in one trick he holds his breath for three minutes in one gallon tank of water!!
The Mentalist is the master of the unexplained , he likes reading everyones` mind about what card we all may choose( mind reading is  not possible, or is it?)
The Trickster does Comedy magic ,like popping a ballon and inflating it with out touching it again.The Gentleman is renown for classic magic disappearing acts ,in one of his acts he made the entire band disappear and reappear in the audience!! The Enchantress has skills of grace and gravity defiance and dances very well.

 I would really recommend that you go and see this awesome show, whether you are interested in magic or not .The end of the show was the most magical for me as the last magician ,The Inventor ,took a tissue put it in a glass of water took it out again and then filled the entire theatre with fluffy snowflakes.
This was a truly unforgettable show.

This is the magician that I took a photo with

The Anti-Conjuror
Specialty: Shock illusions
Marilyn Manson meets David Copperfield. The Anti-Conjuror combines the art of magic with the bizarre and macabre. You've been warned.