Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Most Triumphant tale Review

Hello if you are reading this you are wanting a review of the MOST TRIUMPHANT TALE so sit back and relax.

First is my opinion my opinion of this show was wow these people really did out do them selves I cant believe that they put that all together it is fantastic, great, amazing and all of those other awesome words. The show started of with Fletcher singing he still is a grate singer. Another thing is the person that was Star man is a perfect commentator.

The setting for every seen is the best and the plot for the show is perfect and as in perfect I meen PERFECT! I really sugest you go to this amazing Triumphant Tale.

The costumes were great I like the way the kids were wering purple suits and the other kids behind them were wering black clothes.

I am so exited to see the next show because they performed so well.

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