Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scam letter

Summarise who this letter is from, who it is to, and what it is about.
The letter is from someone called Emily Park. The letter is to Mrs Campbell (one being scammed). This letter is about someone loosing all there money from, a scam and asking other people to give her money.

What are 2 reasons you know that this letter is a scam.
1. Someone lost 1,300,000,00 from funds.

2. They wouldn't give all of their details like that.

Give 3 pieces of evidence (excerpts of sentences) that prove that this letter is a scam.
1. The amount of money that was lost by the person.

2. The amount of money that got given back from the person that said they lost the money.

3. All of the details that the people given out.

Describe a scam or prank you have heard about or been subject to.

Give 5 pieces of advice for people to avoid internet or email based scams.

Go to the app store and search up add block it will block all ads every where including youtube.

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