Thursday, 3 July 2014

End of term review

Did I enjoy this term?
I enjoyed this term a lot. I got to get involved in so much things. I learnt to many things in all of my subjects. I had so much opportunities this term, it felt so short probably because I had so much fun with my friends. There were some problems here and there but it was still fun, I think everybody felt the same just like I am right now.

This term I have improved maths by a lot, I am very proud of myself for getting better and better at this subject. I am starting to enjoy maths everyday, I am very happy with the class that I am in because Miss Campbell helps me a lot in this subjects. When I don't understand anything Miss Campbell comes along and helps me. I could have not got to where I am with out her. She is the best teacher I have ver had in year 8.

What problems that I over came this term?
I only have one problem that I overcame, it was science fair. There where some problems about science fair but I still got through them because me and my partner worked together to get though it. One of the problems were that we could test our game on the blind because that was really important in our project.

What was my favourite thing that happened this term?
My favourite thing this term has to be tech, I am really enjoying the tech that I am doing because I get really involved in music the teacher is also really nice. Music tech is my favourite tech out of all of them because I love music, music can inspire you and make you make your own type of it. We learn so much great songs e.g. Counting Stars, Come on home and many others.

This term disco what the best out of them all, almost all of my friends went. I also met some other people and hung out with them. When I wasn't with anyone I would just find someone that I knew and then started socialising with them. I hope that there will be another disco next term, I also hope that there are disco's at TBC next year because if not I am going to miss TIS a lot.

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  1. I like the layout of this post and it only has a couple spelling errors. I can tell you had a really good year this year and you are good at writing when you know what you are doing. (Like me) Really good Blog Post. Well done.