Monday, 28 July 2014

The nightmare

A campfire, a scream, and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger.

On one cold and breezy night in a forest, a campfire was made with some friends. The friends names where John, Michael, Jackie and Sarah. John and Jackie where the ones that loved causing trouble with others, last year they poured a bucket of blue paint all over the teacher. Michael and Sarah where the weak and moaning type, they'd cry over almost anything. On that night Jackie thought of an idea she walked over to John and sat next to him, she whispered 

"I've got a plan want to hear it?"
John replies rubbing his hands together and with an evil grin on his face
"Sure what is it" he giggled

Jackie told John her plan they both where giggling together. Michael and Sarah where sitting next to each other and wondering why the two where laughing. 
Michael says to Sarah 
"Psst Sarah I think Jackie and John like each other."
Sarah replies with a smile on her face "Yeah I think that too haha"

Michael and Sarah where going to go to bed because they felt very tired. Jackie and John said to each other "Time to strike." While Michael was asleep John and Jackie tip toe towards Michaels tent with a bottle of water, they entered his tent and poured water all inside of his bed they ran out as fast as they could. Michael waked up and screamed Sarah came into his tent and said 
"What's wronnggg oh." 
"Michael said "No it's not what it looks like"

After that day Michael despised Jackie and John they arrived back at school and Michael carried on getting laughed at he was wondering why. He walked past Johns class and heard him saying that I wet my bed.

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