Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Maths Week: Day 4

The 20 dollar question
This man was one of the
greatest mathematicians.
Calculate the age
Leonhard Euler was when

he died.

The 30 dollar question
Pierre de Fermat was a very
gifted French mathematician.
How old was he when he died?

Sofia Kovalevskaya was an
outstanding mathematician who was a
Russian and very popular.
She was born in Moscow in 1850 and
died in Stockholm in 1891.
How long did she live for?

The 40 Dollar Question
Sir Isaac Newton was
one of the greatest
mathematicians of
all time.
He was born in England
on Christmas day.
How long did he live

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
was a German maths
person who became
famous for his work
in inventing calculus.
How old was he when he

Sophie Germain lived all her life in
Paris. She was a brilliant
mathematician. A street in Paris is
named after her – and perhaps also
a football club!
Sophie lived from 1776 to 1831.
How long did she live for?

The 50 Dollar Question.
Maria Agnesi was born in Italy in
1718. She was eldest in a family of
21 children!
Maria was a very bright and
intelligent student. She could speak
5 different languages before she
was 9 years old !
She became an outstanding maths
person and was the first professor
of mathematics at a University.
Maria died in 1799.
How old was she?

Ernest Rutherford is New
Zealand’s greatest
scientist. He was awarded
the Noble Prize in
Chemistry in 1908.
Lord Rutherford was also
a mathematician. While at
University in 1892 he
taught mathematics at
Christchurch Boys’ High School.
How many years did Ernest Rutherford live for?

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