Sunday, 3 August 2014

Random Children Questions

1. Where do Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Kanga live?
100 Acre Wood. √

2. What country is Dracula’s castle found?
The country Dracula's castle was from is Romania. √

3. Tin Tin’s friend Captain Haddock lived in what house?
The house Captain Haddock lived in is Marlin Spike Hall. √

4. Huckleberry Finn travelled down what river?
The river Huckleberry Finn travelled down was Mississippi River. √

5. Where did Paddington Bear come from?
Paddington Bear comes from Darkest Peru. √

6. The Scarlett Pimpernell was set where and when?
Scarlett Pimpernell was set in 1792 France French Revolution. √

7. Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson was set where?
Kidnapped was started in 1886 and set in the Wild Highlands.

8. In The Cay, 11 year old Phillip Enright’s boat leaves from where before it is torpedoed?
The boat left Curaçao. √

9. In what city does Black Beauty pull a taxicab?
The city was London. √

10. Where was Tarzan raised?
Tarzan was raised in The African Jungle. √

11. Where was James Biggleworth otherwise known as Biggles born?
Biggles was born in India. √

12. Where does 7 year old Sara Crewe from the Litte Princess story go to school?
Miss Michin's boarding school for girls. √

13. Which country does Lemuel Gulliver wash ashore on his first voyage after being shipwrecked?
The country Gulliver shored was Liliput. √

14. What country does a family who were shipwrecked come from? Their naems were father: Willian, mother: Elizabeth, and children Fritz, Ernest, Jack and Franz
Switzerland. √

15. In Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where was the emporer when a child said “but he isn’t wearing anything at all!”
Parade. √

16. In Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist where does Oliver spend his early years picking and weaving oakum?
Workhouse. √

17. In the “Little House in the Big Woods” the first of the Little House on the Prairie series, where is the Ingall’s family home?
West Consign √

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