Sunday, 23 November 2014

Internet Forum

What is an internet forum?
An internet forum is a place where someone states a topic and others can write their opinion about it.

Have you ever posted on a forum? Explain.
I have posted on a forum to explain my decision about if technology affect us or doesn't.

What is a thread?
A thread is a collection of posts.

What is the forum administrator’s job?
The forum administrators job is browsing the internet forum for inappropriate things or to get rid of old un interesting things.

What are some different names for forums?

Find a forum on and provide a link for:

What do you think the rules for posting on a forum are?
Do not use inappropriate language, and do not disrespect other users of the site. No death threats, do not pretend to be an admin.

What do you think the consequences are for breaking the forum rules?
Either getting a temp or perm ban. Not being alloud posting anything or commenting.

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