Sunday, 9 March 2014

Your and You're

1. Your and you're, these two words are both different but they get pronounced the same e.g ( Your book is on the table) (You're a good friend!) You're (you are).

2. When we are supposed to use your we have to check the sentence we want to put it in, so when we are talking about an object then we put in your e.g (Your book is on the dinner table). When we use you're we are talking about someone or something e.g (You're very good at art!).

3. Your friend is at the door.          Your bedroom is messy.          Your book is not here

You're very pretty.          You're really good at maths.          You're a bad person.

4. You're really good at maths but your friends are not.
Your friend can help you but you're ungrateful.

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