Monday, 15 September 2014

Civilian Party

Make Wellington airport safer by moving it to Christchurch. Defend the traditional institution of marriage as the union between one man and one volumetric flask. Reform the Justice system so that every citizen is required to prove why they shouldn’t be in prison. Issue a formal apology to Australia’s aboriginal population. Maintain New Zealand’s long-term commitment to free nuclear energy.
9 Rules to make your own party: Acceptable party names, 500 eligible members, statuary declarations, party membership rules and candidate selection rules, auditor, party secretory, processing an application  and the decision process, ongoing registration and ongoing compliance.
Business start off party.
Create a policy for

HEALTH: All future workers have to sign a medical certificate to prove they are ready for any injuries.

EDUCATION: Kids older the age of 14 must go to a company of their choice (In NZ) to receive information about business studies.

DEFENCE: Every business must have 1-2 other businesses paired up, or else all of their money and savings will be removed and given to another company.

BUSINESS: Every new business must at least start off with 1 million dollars for new projects and upgrades for their business.

seniors have to pay for their taxes the only way to not pay is if they have a job.

ENVIRONMENT: Owners of companies must keep their grounds clean or else they will be temporarily band from their site for 2 months.
DEFENCE: All workers have to be trained in case of an emergencies.

PROTECTION: All companies must have 3 lawyers for protection for their business.


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  3. About one or two are good ideas but quite a lot are kind of bad and not many people will like them so work on it but some of them are good.