Tuesday, 23 September 2014

PEEL Paragraph

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS.

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS because we are independent workers and we are always trying our best. Firstly, when we are given something to do we finish it no matter how we finish as long as it is finished, for example our homework we can finish it early to get ahead in class to do more work. Secondly, we are always putting our all in, for example, in Ultimate Relay we will try our best and win. Thirdly, we try our best to strike fear into all our competitors so we can over through them in all competitions, for example we do our Rimu chant as proud and as loud as we can. Over all that is why I think Rimu is the best syndicate in TIS, because we work as one and try our best to thrive to the top.

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