Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Story Writing

I have been in South Africa for a long and lovely 10 years now, I have really enjoyed spending time with my lovely family. My two brothers Henry and Michael, are going to be heading home with me back to New Zealand. I was at the airport just about to board when they asked me for my passport, I said "Sure no problem!" I reached in to my pocked and found, that there was a hole in it! I tried my best to find it, but I couldn't it's like it grew to legs and ran away. Because I lost my passport I won't be able to head back home, I need my passport to fly back to New Zealand. I went looking for it again, and the first place I went to was the office they could find anything there. They said that they could find it so I went looking somewhere else. I had a peculiar feeling in my stomach, that feeling was that someone was following me. This person looked like a person who knew what he was doing, but my first thought was that he was a creep following me for the fun of it. He was trying to talk to me but he was a different language, what was he trying to say? He held out his hand and in his hand was my passport I was so relieved. I said "Thank you so much!" and flew back to New Zealand.

The End.

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